Greetings from President Hiroshi Yasuda

 The Company is developing electron beam lithography technologies and is consulting on these technologies. We are going to develop a high-speed electron beam lithography system using parallel axis multi-columns and multi-beams in each column to be used for wafer direct writing and mask writing. We aim to implement the system early and medium  production of them.
In recent years light processing technology and other micro-processing technologies have been progressed in this moment to 10 nm process and after two years to the process of  from  7nm to 5nm. Wire cutting techniques and hole formation technique using an electron beam is suitable to increasingly stronger miniaturization requirements. We will continue to develop the necessary elements technology with the aim of these applications.
On the other hand if we summarize the world request for MEMS and for IoT devices to produce a wide variety of devices, such as analogue mixed IC and many kinds of sensors also made on the surface that is not so flat, there are many requests in those cases for faster electron beam lithography.  Also in mask production field a variety of mask making, including for NIL(nanoimprint lithography) the faster mask making system such as multi-column EB mask writer.
 To continue or accelerate the development and manufacture the artificial intelligence (AI) such as 5nm or less LSI patterns are necessary to mount many numbers of MPUs and FPGAs on a chip to realize circuits of neural-networks using EB multi-column and multi-beam is important.
 EB lithography will be necessary regardless of the fine and non-fine devices, and regardless of the low-volume production and medium production. We have come to realize it has been desired for practical use as a realistic solution.
Our technology in which we make a bundle of small-diameter hundreds columns using permanent magnets breaks the limits of the blurring from Coulomb interaction.
EB system is based on the reliable principles to achieve a stable and low-cost operation.
We are pleased if we can contribute to the development of society through the device development and manufacturing through the core technology development, such as multi-column technology, high brightness uniform illumination long-life electron emitter and programmable variable-shape beam (PSB).
Also we are pleased if you use our various electron beam column technologies and electron beam-related technologies. Thank you very much.

PARAM Corporation
CEO  Hiroshi  Yasuda