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Announcement of new product "Super LaB₆"

170706_Super LaB6

We commercialized high brightness electron emitter "Super LaB₆".
We started sample supply, trial production, manufacturing and sale.
Compared with LaB₆ emitter conventional, we succeeded in obtaining low work function.
※The work function is a value representing the characteristics of the emitter. The smaller this value, the better the performance as an emitter.
For the LaB₆ emitter work function of 2.7 eV, "Super LaB₆" realized 1.8 eV to 2.1 eV.
Due to the low work function, it is an emitter that can obtain high brightness or a long life time as compared with conventioned LaB6 emitter.
For details, please see the link below.


High brightness electron emitter Super LaB₆




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