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Various electron beam technologies and products Products

  • pro1

    Ozone supply

    Ozone prevents hydrocarbon contamination deposited and keeps clean surface on inner tube of electron beam column while the drawing and observation. This technology can be adopted to an electron beam lithography system, inspection and· SEM equipment.

  • pro2

    Ozone decomposer

    It decomposes the ozone to harmless oxygen gas. Ozone concentration is 0.1ppm or less at exit.

  • pro3

    Electron beam column

    Design, manufacturing and testing of an electron beam column according to order of guests. We are very familiar to various type of EB column and have excellent technology on them from the large current beam column to high resolution column. We can satisfy the various order of guests of the difficult EB column.

  • pro4

    Electron beam column control circuits

    Electron beam column control circuits according to order of guests. We are very familiar with the design and manufacturing operations of the scanning, the position detection, the stabilization and the various control circuit technology of electron beam. We are also familiar with the control software development technology.

High-speed electron beam lithography system technologies

  • tech1

    Multi-beam multi-column system

    Multi-column is a bundle of more than 100 small columns using a permanent magnet. In a single column more than 1600 beams which size are 5nm or less are arranged in a square lattice. Each beam can flash independently.

  • tech2

    High brightness electron emitter

    Low work function electron emitter. A work function of 1.8 eV to 2.1 eV is realized. High luminance or high lifetime can be obtained with low work function.

  • tech3

    Small lens with permanent magnet

    Small lens using a permanent magnet as the main magnetic field. To suppress the column diameter to smaller than 20mm to 15mm. Up to 170 columns are can be arranged on a 300mm wafer. To correct the magnetic field strength the correction coils are used.

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